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From your home to your home, shopping on your pc.
Choose among a big amount of items.
Actuall and convinient prices.
Maximum efficiency and friendliness of our staff who will deliver directly to your home you will avoid to queue at the checkout and bad weather conditions.
The bags are heavy? We bring them at your home.
A virtual supermarket that allows you to choose your products, a real shopping list. Send your order with a click and the shopping will arrive to your house the day and at time you want.


Within 24 hours after the order is placed.

The service is available from Monday to Saturday. Excluding Sundays.
The shopping is processed within one business day after the order


The whole island of Grado from the district Colmata to Pineta and isola dela Schiusa included.


At home with your cash card or cash at the delivery of the shopping and of the receipt.


The value of the minimum spend for delivery from / to our shop in Grado Pineta is set at eur 35.00.

maximum n ° 3 cartons of liquid (water / drinks etc) No. 5 bags of pellets / briquettes ordered for delivery.



To purchase shopping you need to register (log in) to leave your personal data.
In accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003, concerning the processing of personal data, we declare that the personal data sent at the time of confirmation of payment or send to requests for information will not be disclosed to third parties but used only in the internal management of the purchases made by the customer. No information, not even statistics, will be provided to any third party for any reason. This obligation of confidentiality also extends to our employees to process your order and their delivery. It is possible to request immediate cancellation with a simple request by e-mail. By completing and submitting the registration form, the client declares to accept the aforementioned conditions without reservation.

Cookies usage 

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The user can block or clear cookies using browser commands, however this could bring to the loss of the artcles added to the cart.


Suppliers scrupulously observe the regime of HACCP for proper storage and verification of the quality of foodstuffs and of course for transport to customers with special cooling containers.
In case of deterioration or breakage during transportation we are committed to replace the product without any additional charge unless customer notice no later than 24 hours after delivery. The product will be re-delivered at the next supply.


The prices are the same that you can find in our store.

The prices in Euros are inclusive of VAT.

The changes in price lists are usually carried out on a weekly basis. some sectors, such as fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese, dairy products, meat, products are sold by weight and the price is indicated for hundred grams or Kilograms, in order to facilitate the desired amount. For the order of these products you need to indicate the amount hectograms that will be considered the maximum amount for guidance only. Given the impossibility to package the product with the exact weight, will be guaranteed a maximum deviation of 20%. Each pack will bring the unit price on the label, the net weight, the tare weight and the actual price. For products sold individually is sufficient to indicate the unit quantity desired.


in case one or more items are not available we will contact you for replacement


The A & O card holders who enter the number in the space provided at the time of registration will accumulate the points of he competition.
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